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What to do in barcelona in summer

1. Sala Montjuic 1

Although it is more typical of July until 8 August but you can paste any meeting of the Sala Montjuïc . Beyond the skin, which are hard criteria chosen, the place is great. Do not forget to bring a jacket in the cool hours Montjuïc those unforgiving.


Despite being one of the most popular summer drinks, sometimes hard to find a place to sell in really good! There are three places that could be considered "the best" by taking tiger: Tio Che (the Poble Nou) The Sirvent (Parliament Street) and La Campana (Princess Street). Choose the one that will stay closer to home or go there all three and tell us what is the best!

3. paella in Barceloneta

In the Hispanic Bar Barceloneta have no idea what a Paellador! It is a restaurant and Barcelonetadetotalavida make paella ingredients market (there are only 5 minutes!), And also a completely reasonable price. And after a dip pan on the beach in San Sebastian and a walk with Stand Up Paddle Surfing.

4. Stand Up Paddle Surfing

The SUP or Stand Up Paddle Surfing, apart from being amusing, is the fashionable sport . So says the press more frivolous or more serious, depending on how you look. It´s the perfect antidote to escape the large crowds that accumulate in the sand and enjoy the beach in a different way. Just a bit of balance and wanting paddle. The Pukas Surf Eskola Barcelona rent equipment by the hour and do in classes.

5. Urban Pools

We make allergy sand beach? Or maybe the fault of foreigners? Another way is possible to sunbathe city urban pools. Some of competition (literally) and the Piscina Municipal de Montjuïc , where did that breaks Barcelona ´92 Olympic overlooking infarction. Or, there are other more neighborhood but fully taken into account, such as the Parc de la Creueta del Coll .

6. Cineclub summer to Méliès

Another proposal cinephilic so hot these days. The Méliès been completely renovated, but still offer its programming at the same great price (€ 4 Monday, 6 € the rest of the week). This summer, however, also offer every day a classic, ancient and modern, for € 3! Cheaper or Andorra! You can view all the programming on its website .

7. The House of the South

continue speaking of food, in this case grilled meat. The House of the South , as the website is one of the best kept secrets in Barcelona. Located at noon viewpoint of Montjuic, offering incredible views of the city, in addition, be the only place where you can watch the sunset. It barbecues Thursday to Sunday throughout the summer accompanied by rumba, flamenco and bossa nova per day. Strongly recommended!

8. Antikaraoke

The Antikaraoke is incombustible city that also closed for holidays. However, moves from the usual Monday to Thursday. Ideal to bring visitors to know and freak the night in Barcelona.

9. Festa Major de Gràcia and Sants

A classic summer. Each with its own style and personality, neither better nor worse. The Festa Major de Gràcia you can enjoy Festigàbal and many other activities will be posted on its website Friday. This year, Sants, there will play Anna Roig and L´Ombre Ton Chien acts within the unit, but street by street can also enjoy many other activities. As for Grace, the program will be published later.

10. Sunbeds

cycle loungers CCCB this year celebrates a decade. This year, a committee of experts has selected nine titles, despite having been acclaimed by audiences and critics at major film festivals, have not yet found their place in commercial circuits. We recommend to go there early, the loungers are extremely comfortable, but there´s only by first arrive!