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Exotic Restaurants in Barcelona

Exotic Restaurants in Barcelona

The most fashionable neighborhood in Barcelona

Are you a lover of exotic and Asian cuisine and you can not stop looking for a Thai, Japanese or Vietnamese restaurant when you are on vacation in a new city?

In Barcelona you can travel around the world in a few hours ... not forgetting the paella and tapas, you can choose to enjoy good sushi, try the Vietnamese noodles or a hot soup from Ethiopia.

You will not have trouble finding exotic restaurants in the city ... the difficulty will be in choosing where to go !!

Here is a list of the restaurants that intrigued me most and I suggest.


I start with the hardest to find ...! In Barcelona, there are only two Ethiopian restaurants which are, in fact, the only two restaurants in Catalonia.

One is Addis Abeba (Vallespir, 44 " Sants-Montjuïc) and the other Abissinia (Torrent de les Flors, 55 " Gràcia), both run by the same family, a brother and a sister.

In both restaurants you have to behave and eat like you do in Ethiopia: sitting at a low table and eating with your hands.

Everything is served on a plate, where you can find the injera bread, a spongy and round typical African bread made with teff flour, vegetables and meat stew. Some dishes are served only with vegetables and legumes, Ideal for those who eat vegan.

Some soups can also be very spicy, so beware!

Ethiopian restaurants Barcelona


There is a Lebanese restaurant that I recommend! It is called Ziryab and is located in the Born, Carrer dels Ases 16. The dishes are a fusion of the Middle Eastern and Catalan gastronomy, you can eat delicious creative tapas like prawn skewers or dates wrapped in bacon and drink quality wines. You can choose dishes by looking at the menu or also try the tasting menu. If you want to have lunch, you can like the menu of the day!

Liebanon Restaurant Barcelona


In the Catalan capital there are many Vietnamese restaurants, from classic to fusion.

I love the dishes of the Vietnamese restaurant (Carrer del Torrent de l´Olla, 78 " Gràcia and Calle Comerç, 17 " Born). Here the Vietnamese dishes are really delicious!

You can choose between main courses with rice, vegetables and meat or taste their salads, soups or noodles .. and other delicacies like rollitos! There are also excellent desserts and drinks!

Take a look at the menu on the website to see what you can enjoy!

If you want to try the fusion cuisine, you can go to the Restaurant Me (Paris, 162 " Eixample Izquierda), where you find great Vietnamese dishes prepared with ingredients and products from other countries, such as Peruvian ceviche or the flavors of New Orleans and Catalan cuisine.

This is because the owner and his family have traveled a lot and have decided to bring all their experience and knowledge into the gastronomic cuisine of his restaurant.... Must go! There is also the menu of the day!

La Vietnamese Restaurant Barcelona


Among the recommended restaurants, there is the Bembì (Consell de Cent, 377 " Eixample Dret), which combines Indian cuisine with Catalan cuisine... the restaurant is very cozy and the ideal is to try the tasting menu: a list of 100% Indian dishes That will make you travel, literally, all over the country! (The menu is about € 30).

Another great restaurant is the Mayura (Girona, 57 " Eixample Dret): the place is an oasis of bamboo, wood and there is also a tiny river .. that peace !! And the dishes are excellent, creative and a bit sophisticated.

If you want to go after dinner, you can also enjoy one of their cocktails.

Other cheaper restaurants that I recommend are Om India (Floridablanca, 130 " Eixample Izquierda) and Namaste (Villarroel, 70 " Eixample Izquierda). The first is specialized especially in the dishes of the Punjab region, the second offers a tasting menu also for vegetarians.

Indian Exotic Restaurants in Barcelona


Japanese food... I could talk about Japanese food for days...

The city is full of Japanese restaurants, although it is not easy to recognize the real ones, with Japanese chefs cooking authentic dishes of the country. Among those I know, there are: A mica of Japò (Aragó, 104 " Left of the Eixample), small local with menus written (also) in Japanese and very tasty dishes. Wakasa Japanese Tavern (Nàpols, 287 " Sagrada Familia / Eixample Dret): how to travel to Japan without paying the ticket! So the others talk about this restaurant..this place is also small but has the best sushi in town! (So many people say). Tempura-ya (Muntaner, 153 " Eixample Izquierda): specializing in tempura dishes, it also offers many fish dishes, rice and vegetables ... try it!

Japan Exotic Restaurants in Barcelona

The Neighborhoods of Barcelona: THE BORN

The Neighborhoods of Barcelona: THE BORN

The most fashionable neighborhood in Barcelona

Between medieval and Gothic buildings, the most modern buildings and bars, designer shops and colorful nightclubs blend perfectly.

Nowadays, this neighborhood is frequented mainly by tourists, who like to stroll through the vintage shops, the street markets, the workshops of artisans and then leave to party to enjoy the night in some of the clubs of the neighborhood.

What to see in El Born

In the neighborhood of El Born there are lots of things to see, including churches, museums and parks.

One of the obligatory stages is without a doubt the Basilica of Santa Maria del Mar, one of the most beautiful Catalan Gothic churches in Barcelona.

Basilica Santa Maria del Mar Barcelona

This basilica is also known because it has been mentioned in several books that take place in Barcelona, among them "The shadow of the wind " of Carlos Ruiz Zafón. It is located right next to the Paseo del Born and entrance is free. If you walk here, you have to visit it, it´s really worth it.

If the Basilica is to the south of Born, or towards the sea; To the north is the Palau de la Música Catalana, a jewel of modernism, so much that it has been declared an Artistic Heritage by UNESCO.

Designed by the architect Lluís Domènech i Montaner, the Palau can be visited only with a guided tour and, if you wish, you can also attend the concerts organized in the large hall of the Palau.

Tickets Basilica Santa Maria del Mar

Palau de la Musica Catalana Barcelona

The guided visit to the Palau de la música is 18 € (children under 10 are free).The Palau is open every day from 10 am to 3.30pm (although I advise you to check the schedules on the official website), and the guided tours are organized in Catalan, Spanish, English, Italian and French.

Another visit essential for lovers of culture and art, is the Picasso Museum, located in Carrer de Montcada. With over 3,500 works by the artist, it is one of the most important galleries. The ticket costs € 11, although there is also the possibility of visiting the museum for free. The first Sunday of each month, in fact, the entrance is free all day, in addition, every Sunday admission is free after 15h.

In this neighborhood there are other museums to visit: the Chocolate Museum for sweet tooth, the Museum of Cultures del Món to discover the art and culture of the distant countries and the Mammoth Museum, to surprise the little ones.

If you still have time, you should also visit the Born Market, which is in fact not a market, but a cultural center where you can admire archaeological finds, and the Santa Caterina Market, a real market place where you can buy fruits and vegetables and Enjoy local tapas.

Buy Tickets Palau de la Múscia

Parc de la Ciutadella Barcelona

And then, last but not least..the Parc de la Ciutadella! It is the urban park more loved by locals and frequented by tourists as well.

Unlike other parks, such as the Park Güell, this park is much more tranquil and perfect to spend some time relaxing , to prepare a picnic or just to lie on the grass listening to good music (because yes, there will always be some artists who Will accompany you with your guitar or djembe).

How to get around El Born

How to get around El Born

The best way to get around Barcelona is by bike.

A good way to tour the Born, is to take a bike tour with a guide of the city. With it you will be able to explore the most extraordinary and unknown corners of the neighborhood of the Born, and to take a typical tapas of the city.

If you prefer you can also visit the post to your air by renting a bicycle. You can choose between to rent a city bike or rent an electric bike.

Rent Segway in Barcelona

For the more daring you can rent a segway to walk the streets of this beautiful neighborhood of the city. There is the option to go on your own or book a guided segway Tour. It is highly recommended if you go with friends. You will have a great time!

Rent electric scooter and rent hoverboards in Barcelona

You can also rent one of the most popular electric vehicles of the moment. Increasingly, many people move around the city on board an electric scooter or a hoverboard.

Walking tour El Born

If you go as a couple or as a group we propose a uniqueWalking Tour in the city, where you will be accompanied by a professional photographer who will propose activities during the tour and will make sporadic photos that you will never forget!

Where to eat in the neighborhood of El Born

Where to eat in the neighborhood of El Born

This is a good question! Because here there are so many bars and restaurants, it is very difficult to choose! So, let´s do this!

You like tapas? If you are a "pica pica", curious, interested in trying different local tapas of high quality, I suggest the Bodega Punctual (Carrer de Montcada, 22), the Bormuth (Plaça Comercial, 1) and the bar El Xampanyet (Carrer de Montcada, 22).

The Xampanyet Barcelona

The first two are quiet and quite large, especially the Bodega La Puntual: here you can sit at a table and eat your tapas with calm.The Xampanyet is the smallest and above all .. you have to have patience! It is one of the most famous and historic tapas bars in the city, therefore it is very popular for tourists as well as locals.

Do you like ethnic, exotic and fusion cuisine? I suggest two locals!

If you fancy trying the Vietnamese cuisine, I invite you to eat at La Vietnamese Restaurant (Carrer Comerç, 17); If you want to enjoy the varied and spicy flavors of the Arab world mixed with the traditional flavors of Catalonia, you have to go to the Restaurant Ziryab (Carrer dels Ases, 16). The experience will be a delight!

Hamburger Lover? Go to Little Bacoa (Carrer Colomines, 2), average price and a wide selection of dishes.

Continuing with the meat, I also recommend the El Foro Restaurant (Calle Princesa, 53): an Argentinean restaurant where you can enjoy excellent dishes. The price is a bit more expensive than usual (a dinner costs around € 25 per person).

Are you vegetarian? I suggest two locals! The first is the Cat Bar (Carrer de la Boria, 17), a fantastic vegetarian bar/restaurant with punk style, where the protagonists are the cats. It offers vegetarian and vegan dishes as well as craft beers. If you want to have lunch, here is the "menu of the day".

The second is the Restaurant La Bascula (C / Flassaders Nº30 bis): ecological ingredients, good selection of beers, many vegan dishes and also fruit smoothies with vegetable milk.

Where to go out at night in the neighborhood of El Born

Where to go out at night in the neighborhood of El Born

If you want to party with friends, in the Born there is much to do! In the Paseo del Born there are many bars where you can have a drink and dance to the rhythm of commercial house music or, perhaps, reggaeton.

On Paseo del Born, I recommend the Pipin Bar , for a good mojito and the Creps al Born bar , it´s a small place that usually gets crowded, but they make good cocktails. A little further away from the Paseo del Born, you will find: Alsur Café (Plaza de Sant Cugat), The Lime House (Carrer dels Carders, 31), Rubí , Guzzo .. there are many!

If you want to try something more elegant and sophisticated, I recommend going to Paraiso (Carrer de Rera Palau, 4): it looks like a normal bar, but has a surprise!

I like it because

  • The weather and atmosphere here are very good
  • The lively nightlife
  • There is always something to discover
  • The nearby Ciutadella Park

I criticize it a little because

  • It is one of the neighborhoods most frequented by tourists, therefore everything here is usually more expensive
  • It has lost some of its authenticity
  • At night some streets may seem dangerous (and I say "look" because they really are not ...)

Which bike do you need to travel by city

Which bike do you need to travel by city?


Which bikes are worth to go by city?

Rent a bike in Barcelona

Urban bike

Evolved from the "Dutch bike" model, they are very visible for other vehicles, run more than enough and usually include all the necessary accessories. Its curved handlebar allows an upright and comfortable posture and allows us to see better. Make sure they have developments since some models do not have gears; And although the slopes of Madrid are a prejudice, they also have to be raised.

Rent a bike

Rent a folding bike in Barcelona

Folding Bikes

Folding / Folding . Urban bikes are big and uncomfortable to combine with public transport or keep them at home. The folding does not have this problem, as they fit in a corner and you can enter with them metro, train or even bus at any time of day. Their way of driving is slightly different, and you have to get used to them in a few days. For this reason, there are two types of cyclists: those who hate folding, and those who love. They do not run less than other bikes since their developments are different.

Rent folding bike

Rent electric bike Barcelona

Electric bikes - eBikes

It is perfect if you want to visit Barcelona on a weekend since you can go from one side to the other quickly. Here you can rent all kinds of electric bikes.
The electric bicycle or e-bike, is a traditional bicycle, which is installed an electric motor to help in pedalling. How does the electric bicycle work? It consists of several parts: cycle (traditional bicycle part), battery, controller (sends power to motor), electric motor and pedal sensor. The energy comes to the motor thanks to a battery that is recharged in the electrical network but also can do it through a solar panel. At present, there are engines that are recharged on the road, downhill.

Rent electric bike

What bikes are not worth?

Rent a road bike in Barcelona

Road Bikes

They are bicycles made to run, not to circulate. They are very sturdy and have very thin covers ; A sewer grate, a bad pothole or a firm wet can make us fall. However, many experienced cyclists opt for these bikes to go by city, since with experience they are faster. If it is not your case, we recommend the previous models for urban cycling.

Rent road bike

Rent a mountain bike in Barcelona

Mountain / MTB / MTB

They are often seen because they are the cheapest, easy to buy, those that are given away in kings ... but as the name implies, they are to go by dirt roads and cross country. They lack the minimal accessories, and their wide wheels with tacos brake us on asphalt, as well as the cushioning, forcing us to try harder. Many novices use them to start and end up giving up, ignoring that with a more suitable bike is circulated with less effort.

In both cases, the key is on the wheels. If you prefer not to buy a new bike, we recommend that you change the covers to wider ones with drawing (by road bike) or by thinner covers without taco in the case of MTBs. In addition, accessories such as fasteners or automatic pedals are counterproductive with urban cycling.

Rent mountain bike

The essential accessories

Bell. No matter how cheesy it may seem, it is an obligatory and terribly useful accessory. Not only will it serve to warn pedestrians who cross without looking or walk along the bike sidewalks, but also can avoid some fright: doors that open without looking, cars that rotate or that enter roundabouts ... A ring will prevent us a lot of accidents.

Fenders. If it rains a lot better leave the bike at home, but other times a simple downpour or a puddle can stain us from top to bottom. If your bike does not bring mudguards, put them on and you will not regret it.

Reflecting. They are obligatory at least red behind, white front and yellow on the pedals. You can also put yellow on the spokes.

Red white and red front light. Even if you think you´re never going to go out at night, you´ll ever be useful. The lights can be operated by batteries or dynamo, each with its own advantages.

Carrier or basket. It prevents us from carrying a backpack so we will sweat less. If it is necessary to carry a lot of weight, it may be advisable to attach saddlebags.

Other accessories that can come in handy, are the goat legs and chain protectors, which many city bikes already have as standard.

And the helmet?

The helmet is not mandatory on urban roads, but neither is prohibited. And although there is a potent debate among cyclists, everyone is free to use it or not .

Barcelona Mediterranean an Avant-Garde

Barcelona Mediterranean an Avant-Garde

Barcelona has to live it. Multicultural, artistic, modern, always with color and always at the forefront. Its status as a gateway to Mediterranean Europe underlines its cosmopolitan value, a city that lives day and night and is immersed in an unstoppable activity during all the seasons of the year.

Stepping on the streets of Barcelona becomes a true walk through history, art and design. We can start in the emblematic area of Modernism, from the Eixample, passing through the bustling neighbourhood of Gràcia and end up landing in the Gothic Quarter. We can also visit museums such as Dalí, or the Picasso, but what is characteristic of the city is that it is practically an air museum, dismembered, with its works of art distributed throughout the city. The culprit of it? Gaudí. Thus we find the Casa Batlló, the Park Güell or, of course, the unfinished Sagrada Familia.

One of the best ways to get to know Barcelona is by bike; Is considered one of the best cities for the two wheels for its infrastructures. For example, you can make the complete return to the city by the maritime strip and the Diagonal in just one hour. The bicycle allows to move quickly between different points and to enjoy each one of its corners and curiosities; Is a city that needs to have the eyes wide open since in any corner, the roofs or the walls, many artists find a support for their works. The good weather helps this, since most of the year, enjoy a pleasant time.

It is possible to be said that Barcelona mixes the best of the north and the best of the south, since being a privileged rich European city, it enjoys an activity and a festive and open atmosphere more Mediterranean than Nordic. This symbiosis is also evident on the palate: of the recognised and lauded Spanish flavours, Catalan is one of the most acclaimed: Catalan gastronomy is a mixture of rustic and avant-garde tastes in its right measure. Thus, the dishes absorb the good product of the Pyrenees and the balance of the Mediterranean diet.

Catalan chefs are considered the world´s most creative and innovative. The revolution of the Spanish gastronomy initiated in the Basque Country had its continuation and purification in Catalonia. It is remarkable the fidelity to the Catalan roots in the treatment of the food and its preparation with new techniques and instruments. In Barcelona, in addition to the many restaurants, the Boqueria Market is a good representative of this gastronomy, so up-to-date but so respectful of its origins.

But the food does not settle in an excellent way until you live the night in Barcelona. Keep in mind that the party works according to neighbourhoods; For example, the area of Maremagnum is more cosmopolitan and the nightlife of the Gràcia neighbourhood is more ´Catalan´. What is clear is that music is something that comes in the soul to Barcelona and if not, ask Joan Manuel Serrat, ´the Noble of Poble Sec´, one of the many talents born of this land of multicultural spirit.

How to do a good maintenance of your electric scooter - hoverboard?

How to do a good maintenance of your electric scooter - hoverboard?


Maintenance electric scooter - hoverboard

With the technological development in which we live, we are faced with products of the latest generation that may seem scarce of specialists to help us make some repairs, some internal changes or recommendations to care for the product, but not because in the case of electric scooter there care recommendations and technical solutions.

The electrical maintenance also makes changes in its operation and transforms the processes of technical assistance in the specialized products, because they are devices that require attention in details and functional understanding, the new appliances must have the indications of care in the instructive and in addition , We can find specialists in maintenance and repair to give us recommendations that ensure us greater durability.

Know some tips of care that you should not forget so that your electric skateboard has better performance and durability. Also pay attention to the instructions you receive in the purchase of the product, but if you do not understand a process or have doubts, look for the solution when buying or contact us.

Do not lose the experience of living the functions that an electric scooter can achieve, such as taking you from left to right, from back to front so that you direct it with balance and coordination of body movements, as well as enjoy the ride with the music that Be of your choice that you can connect with the integrated Bluetooth system.

Keep the battery in good condition

Batteries that include our products are brand Samsung that meets the needs of quality and performance scooters and electric scooter , you can travel up to 12 kilometers. To take care of your performance, take into account the distance you are going to travel and the time you will use it to avoid overheating.

Recharging the battery is simple, it has to be completely empty and make sure that it is completely full when you are going to use it, this is a charge of four to five hours. The chargers of our products have UL quality certification, which means they have been tested by trained scientists to assure users that it is a reliable product.

If you have to make a replacement, contact us for advice. It is important that you buy original batteries and reliable brands to travel safely, the price will speak of that quality, so we invite you to choose the brand and battery characteristics that are compatible for an electric transport and avoid accidents.

Changing tires or wheels.

The tires of our products are made of rigid rubber that makes them very resistant, they are inflatable and their size varies according to the product between 15 to 25 centimeters in length. For wheels to be more durable, try not to use them in spaces where there is sharp material such as glass, change them when necessary.

Speakers and lamps

The system of the horns, Bluetooth and lamps requires attention of care so that they work without problem when you go aboard an automatic transport. The internal electrical system of the device allows it to function properly and without problems, so you must charge the battery enough for these functions, as well as avoid the use of chemicals or liquids that could affect the circuits.

Brake maintenance

The braking system of a scooter and skateboards with electric function are important to operate safely and have no complications on the way, since you can go up to 50 kilometers per hour, depending on the model. The use of brakes works in the area of ??the support to place the feet, with the pressure you make on this area you can go to the left or the right, or, braking, therefore you must take care of this surface.

In the case of hand brake electric scooter , the function is easier to use and reduces the likelihood of accidents by an electrical fault. To ensure the functionality of the brake system on the scooter and the electric scooter, do not place a weight greater than 120 kilos in the brake area so that the device reacts effectively, since it acts with the balance of your body.

We recommend that you pay attention to the weight, since if it exceeds 120 kilos could be counterproductive for the function system, what the device aims to achieve is to balance your weight and distribute it to move where you direct it. Do not expose it to electric current spaces and where it is likely to be damaged by heavy objects.

Remember that the technical assistance to make repairs, checks or changes in the battery, must be done with care and with people trained in the understanding of functions of electrical systems, so it is not advisable to disarm it to try to fix it, better consult us to advise you safely. At the time of purchase make sure that the horn sound is at the volume you need, just as the LED lights turn on and the seat is correctly seated.

If you have any complications because of an oversight on your electric scooter or have doubts maintain your scooter, we invite you to contact us to advise you and find the best solution to your problem. Do not try to disarm it because you could decompose it completely or cause an accident, do not hesitate to share your doubts with us.

Tickets Sagrada Familia - Skip the Line

Tickets Sagrada Familia - Skip the Line



We list below the types of ticket available and rates for online purchase.

  • GUIDED TOUR. Price: € 29.50 for adults and € 26 for children aged 10 to 17 years, free for children up to 9 years.
  • GENERAL ADMISSION. Prices: 15 € adults / 13 € students under 30 years old / 11 € pensioners / free children 11 years old and people with reduced mobility *.
  • INPUT WITH AUDIO-GUIDE. Prices: 22 € adults / 20 € students under 30 years old / 17 € pensioners / 6 € children 11 years old and people with reduced mobility *.
  • INPUT WITH TOWER AND AUDIO-GUIDE. Prices: 29 € adults / 27 € students under 30 years old / 22 € pensioners / free under 11 years old (no option provided for people with physical disabilities). Warning! Children under six years can not climb the towers!

* People with reduced mobility equal to or greater than 65% are entitled to a companion who will enjoy the same discounts.

 Ticket Purchase Sagrada Familia


  • From April to September from 9:00 to 20:00.
  • From November to February from 9:00 to 18:00.
  • October and March from 9:00 to 19:00.
  • 25 and 26 December and 1 and 6 January from 9:00 to 14:00.

EXPERT ADVICE: If you can, avoid visiting the Sagrada Familia the weekend, it really is very busy! Look at this video I shot at ´ Sagrada input to get an idea of the code you might meet here (and in the other major attractions in Barcelona !!!).


By partnering with Barcelona Tourism, we can offer an exclusive service of guided tour.

At the time of purchase, you will receive an email with confirmation of payment by eMobility and within 24 hours the receipt will arrive along with all the necessary details to join the tour. The voucher can print it or display it on the phone while driving.

Several people have confirmed that this is a good service; The same tour is offered for Parc Güell and the Picasso Museum.


I heard several comments about the beauty of the famous Basilica of the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, but I thought they were a bit exaggerated, I often have high expectations of something only to be disappointed by reality ... but this time it did not happen that way at all!

Emerging from the metro L2 purple or blue L5 (Sagrada Familia stop) you will find yourself in front of this symbol of modernist inspiration that is the Templo Expiatorio de la Sagrada Familia (original name of the church). Its beauty will make you forget the rising star of the escalators ... be careful not to fall! ?? Personally, is one of the most original architecture. I´ve ever seen in my life ... only a fool could think of building such a thing, but you know, the line between genius and madness is subtle and Gaudí´s master was definitely a genius.

Remember that in Barcelona you will find many of his famous works among which the Casa Batllo, the Parc Guell and La Pedrera; within the latter encounter a floor dedicated to miniatures that illustrate the design of the Basilica and other major works of Gaudí. If you are a real master of connoisseurs and fans do not miss this gem: Gaudí took advantage of the construction of the Colonia Güell to experience various architectural techniques applied later in the Sagrada Familia. If you want to make a visit to Cologne take the lines S33, S8 or S4 train Ferrocarril FGC from Plaça d´Espanya and get off at the Colonia Güell.

Back to us: perhaps not everyone knows that the temple of the Sagrada Familia is a work still unfinished today. The first stone was laid on March 19, 1882 to Spiritual Association wishes of the devotees of San José who assigned the task of its construction to Francisco de Paula del Villar y Lozano. The bad relations between the Association and the architect took shortly after the project in the hands of Antoni Gaudí.

The Gaudí Master dedicated to Sagrada Familia 42 years of his life of which 12 exclusively. The entire work from the origins to today was funded by private donations; it was thanks to a hefty injection of the crypt money received at the end of the construction work in 1889, which Gaudí entirely abandon the initial recall neogothic project to experiment with something new and never seen before: a Latin cross church large size and high towers impregnated with a strong symbolic universal inspiration; although in, fact it is a Catholic temple are not lacking abundant naturalistic references, you will realize when you enter the church you´ll feel in a light wood.

On the death of Gaudí in 1926 the works continued in fits and starts because of interruptions imposed by the Civil War, during which, due to an explosion, went even lost the original drawings of the project.

The work is scheduled to end in 2026 (begin taking flights that cost less) for that date is scheduled for completion in the third façade dedicated to the glory of the risen Jesus (the facades of the Nativity and the Passion you can say ended) and the addition of 10 more towers in addition to the current 8. The highest, dedicated to Jesus, will be 172 meters. The existing towers have a height of 115 m.

The Basilica was consecrated in 2010 by Pope Benedict XVI; during the celebrations, mid-Barcelona was carpeted by papal flags and the other half by the anti-papal movements insignia. For the occasion were completed by the completion of the inside work.

La Sagrada Familia is today is the most visited attraction in Spain and has about 3.2 million visitors a year, you understand now why it is better to make the tickets online and skip the line??? Read on.


  • The difference between the two lies in their high towers, that of the Nativity is 55 meters high, while that of the Passion 75 meters. In both towers, the climb is done only by the elevator when the descent is walking up the stairs.
  • Due to the high number of visitors, you can only go up on a tower.
  • When you book the tower you must choose the time most convenient to you, by coming to terms with the entrance zone to the Basilica you have chosen previously.
  • Children 6 years old and people in wheelchairs can not climb the towers. Also, children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Avoid the towers if you are claustrophobic.
  • o ensure the darkness of the visitor, the towers could be closed in case of bad weather, strong towers can be closed, remember that it is still a work still under construction. The amount paid to climb the towers will be refunded in this case from the Sagrada within 30 days at most. For reimbursement contact


Interested parties to attend mass, they can do it for free and without notice by accessing the CRYPT OF SAGRADA the following times:

  • weekdays at 9:00 am and at 20:15 hours.
  • Saturdays at 9:00 and at 19:30.
  • Sundays and public holidays at 9:00 / 10:30 / 11:45 / 13:00 / 18:30 / 20:15.