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Electric Monocycles Scooters

Buy and Rental electric Monocycles scooters in Barcelona

The unicycle is another form of urban mobility with which to move quickly and fun at short distances. The technology is based on the detection of inclination through the sensors included in the wheel. If the inclination is forward, they will send signals to the motor so that it compensates the balance by turning the electric wheel in such a way as to keep this inclination stable, causing the driver to stay in a horizontal position thanks to a series of controllers.

It´s great if you like technology, the future and new experiences are going to hallucinate to feel propelled by the feet without supporting the arms and get save time and money, it´s not a bargain! Here comes everything you have to know about the electric unicycle.


Where do the unicycles come from?

The electric unicycle comes from the United States, that´s where they started to see each other. Today there are many models and each more unique, for example in Japan, we can find models that resemble what could be a motorcycle of the future with a single wheel. It is a large unicycle that instead of placing some feet, add a chair to sit and fly. Is incredible.

The Segway without hands

Its operation is magical! It works from sensors and a gyroscope, which controls at all times that the unicycle stays balanced to be able to go forward, backward, turn, etc. Although it seems a difficult vehicle to control or to learn to manage it, you learn in a very short period of time.

Electric transport for the city

The excuses of the traffic or the punctuality of the public transport no longer serve you. These types of vehicles weigh very little and occupy less. Thanks to its design, the dimensions are very well adjusted and you can take it anywhere because it fits even in a backpack. It is great to be able to move around the city since on long trips you can use them and on short trips you can take them on slopes without effort.

Unicycle scooter benefits Unicycle scooter benefits

Unicycle benefits

As we have talked before, being small does not mean that it is weak. Thanks to its technology ensures a comfortable driving. So that you do not slip your feet on the feet, in the case that you have wet, usually electric unicycles have non-slip rubber soles that help to correctly fix your feet to the structure. Many of the models include lights to see and be seen, perfect to circulate day and night around the city.

This electric transport greatly improves transportation options in the city without contamination. And in the same way better manage our money and our time apart from helping the environment.

´Good & Bad´ of the electric unicycle

Now, as every product has its pros and cons. And depending on your needs, the pros or cons will weigh more. What do you think? This is our point of view.

Advantages of the electric unicycle

It is very easy to brake, so in theory it is very easy to handle because in case the wheel is able to stay stable on the ground by itself which makes it very easy to climb on it.

A pro that has is that having no extra support helps exercise.

As they do not have any kind of support, you should exercise to control the vehicle, so they can not tell you that in this transport you do not exercise!

Its use is very cheap, on average only 10 cents of current is needed every 25 kilometers. That´s saving!

Disadvantages of the electric unicycle

If you have a fall the wheels of the electric unicycle do not stop spinning so you have to turn off the scooter so you do not go crazy looking for the point of support.

Just as not for the wheels when one falls, neither does it when you raise it from the ground. So to transport it you always have to make sure that you have turned it off to avoid surprises.

You have to be very attentive to the level of charge, because if you have low battery may not work perfectly and accidentally can cause an accident due to lack of power. Therefore, whenever you lose 50% of the load, it is recommended that you consider loading it.

Steps to drive an electric Unicycle

Driving a Unicycle is extremely easy! You remember all the falls you had to eat to learn to ride a bike. This is much easier In no more than 5 minutes learn to drive it with ease. So that you do not get lost, I describe the 3 steps ??.

  • 1.- When climbing, it turns on.
  • 2.- To accelerate, you just have to push your body slightly forward.
  • 3.- To stop, on the other hand, the body must be thrown back.

And that´s it, have you seen? I know maybe a bit risky, but ... Why not try it?

Extras of electric Monocycles

Like all devices of today, they have many pijadas that we love! Some are mere pijotería and others can be very useful. Some of them are the following:

Bluetooth speakers, yes, you can go with the disco wherever you want.

Connection with the mobile, monitors all possible aspects of your Unicycle from the application of the manufacturer.

How long does it take to learn how to handle it?

If you already know how to skate, ski, etc. Just practice 1 hour can be enough. Riding on these unicycles can be learned even faster than skiing or ice skating.

Do not have experience in any type of skate? If you put your desire in about 6 hours spread over several sessions can be more than enough to master this incredible transport.

What steps must be followed to learn how to use the electric unicycle?

To learn how to ride this type of transport, we need to follow certain guidelines, before becoming professional pilots of these fun self-balanced wheels.

Nothing has to do with a traditional unicycle, since we have the technology that helps us a lot the piloting without having to have great stability and balance as in traditional unicycles. Steps to follow:

  • 1.- Initially the main objective we must achieve is the lateral balance, that is, maintain the balance of a part of the unicycle.
  • 2.- Surely, the first time you mount you need a handlebar but with time you will realize that it is not necessary since you use the arms as a counterweight and if there were a handlebar it would be a real nuisance.
  • 3.- Practice.
  • 4.- Practice.
  • 5.- Practice.

And that´s it, have you seen? I know maybe a bit risky, but ... Why not try it?