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Guide to buying cheap segways at the best price

Where can I buy a cheap segway?

This question could be answered with a simple word: Amazon. And is that the e-commerce giant represents the best place to buy a cheap segway. The reason? It is the meeting point of multiple manufacturers and distributors who, in order to increase their sales, considerably reduce the final price of these vehicles, so it is relatively easy to find bargains on this page, as long as you know how.
Electric Segway From € 279.90
Segway with handlebar From € 1,465.00
Segway mini From € 340.00

The cheapest segways on the market

We know that what you are really interested in this post is to find out which are the cheapest segways on the market, so without further ado we will introduce you briefly.

  • Smartway - Among all the segways for sale on Amazon this model is the cheapest. Its design is modernist and avant-garde, like most segways without handlebars, operates at a speed of up to 12 / km and has passed all the security controls of the European Union.
  • ICARUS - The second place occupies this segway that is simpler than the model before being specially made for children´s use. In spite of its simple attributes, it is a segway ideal to move around the city in a quick easy way and being respectful with the environment.
  • Freeman - This is another of Amazon´s cheap segways although its features seem high-end as it is a very complete computer and made with top quality components. Not for nothing this scooter reaches a speed of up to 10 km / h, boasts a range of up to 20 km thanks to its original Samsung battery and has LED lights, battery indicators and rubber bumper.

Let´s start to see which models are not only cheaper, but also with better performance of each platform:

Best Seller Segway at Amazon

At Amazon we can find a wide range of segway for sale of first quality. Some have been manufactured by the leading firms in the market and others are white brands but have the same or even higher benefits.

Here are some of the best Amazon Segways for their value for money:

  • Wheely Junior Segway - A Very Equipped Adult Segway - 387,00 €

    This cheap adult segway from Amazon can reach 16 kilometers per hour as well as being used for 25 kilometers without needing to stop to recharge it. Manufactured with high technology, it excels by its futuristic and modern aspect that attracts the lovers of the design. Its special features make it a suitable model for short trips around the city to go from work to home and vice versa.

  • Weebot Discover electric scooter - A Segway with Premium Seat - 1.380,00 €

    Although its price is slightly higher than the rest of the Amazon Segway models that we propose, the great feature of this vehicle is that it is equipped with a seat, so that you can scroll seated putting the weight ahead to advance. Extremely simple to operate, it reaches a maximum speed of 17 km / hour, has a Sony lithium battery of 260 Wh and is a very safe device that has been produced following the strictest European regulations. It also includes an application with which you can keep track of the activity and location of your segway with seat, being able to know the kilometers you travel each day.

  • Skateboard Two-wheeled electric scooter - The two-wheeled segway that triumphs among Amazon customers - 550 €

    This cheap two-wheeled segway is raging among Amazon customers as it is an affordable option with good features. White, this segway for adults, which stands out for its robust body, modernist design and non-slip grip, has a warranty of 2 years. Easy to handle, it is a vehicle with a modernist design with which you will travel throughout the city at a speed above 10 km / h.

  • Airwheel X3 - The most modern handlebar segway - 590 €

    And if you want to go a step further and try the latest in this sector, the Airwheel branded tailgate will love it. This lightweight and powerful model is one of the most demanded within the Amazon platform. Circulates at 18km / hour, provides operating autonomy of 15 kilometers thanks to its 130Wh battery and incorporates different safety measures such as a continuous beep when the inclination exceeds 45 degrees, among others. Also, its 14-inch wheel, which safely raises inclinations of 15-18 degrees, makes your movements are fast and agile.

Advantages of buying segway electric scooters

If you are reading this post, you are sure you are clear about the advantages of buying segway electric scooters, but just in case you remember some of the most important:

  • Compact - Segway electric scooters are very compact vehicles, so you can easily carry them from one place to another.
  • Ecological - They do not contaminate or emit any type of gas that is harmful to the environment, being a totally ecological vehicle.
  • Versatile - Another advantage of the segway electric scooter is its versatility, you can use it for different purposes, either as a means of urban transport or as a vehicle for leisure.
  • Cost effective - On the other hand, it is a vehicle with a low cost of operation since it does not need fuel and presents a high autonomy.
  • Simple to employ - Everyone can handle these segway electric scooters as they are very intuitive. In fact, anyone can learn to drive them in less than two hours.
  • Comfortable - Its particular system makes it an extremely comfortable vehicle.
  • They Get Anywhere - Segway electric scooters can access places that other vehicles do not reach inside warehouses, airports, elevators, or factories.
  • They travel half distances with only one load - They can travel short distances of up to 38 km with a single charge of the battery.

What segway to buy? Things to keep in mind to buy cheap segways at Amazon

We are going to tell you what are the aspects that you should keep in mind to buy cheap segways at Amazon.

  • Use the search engine - Many people are limited to choose among the first results offered by each page, without using the search engine, which is a serious error if what we want is to save, since using this simple tool we can filter all The segways they have for sale on Amazon depending on their seller, availability or price, among other factors.
  • Note the warranty - As a personal electric transport vehicle that we will probably give much use, it is important that before purchasing it we make sure that it has a guarantee. So in case the product suffers any type of manufacturing problem, the seller will be responsible for all expenses.
  • Check the reputation of the sellers - If there is something that has made Amazon today one of the most visited and best valued websites in the world are its customer service policies, always watching each of its vendors comply with Standards they impose and that customers receive a good service. Despite this, it never hurts to be wary. Our recommendation is to take a couple of minutes to check the reputation of the sellers before making any transaction, ie to see what other buyers say in their reviews or what the rating they have. The higher the score, the better because it proves you are a reliable seller. This way you will get an idea about the quality of both its services and the products it has for sale.
  • Ask any doubts you have - Another added value to buy on these websites is that you can easily contact the sellers and ask them any questions you may have about the vehicle. In this sense, you should ask for information about each of the features of the cheap segway for adults, such as the speed you can reach, the range you have or the maximum weight you can withstand, to make sure that it is just what you are searching.
  • Check out the return policy - Each seller has their own return policy, which we must know before buying if the product that arrives to us does not fit the description. Electric Segway

Is it worth picking the segway for sale on Amazon?

YES. Opting for the segways for sale on Amazon is a decision that no one regrets since you get to buy a product of first quality at a price lower than you would have to pay in any physical store. Remember that, as mentioned, these pages show a strict customer service policy, which means that you will have the same services as in a physical store with the great advantage that you will pay less for the same thing.

What segway to choose? The Key To Buying Efficient Cheap Segways

To finalize this guide to buying cheap segways on Amazon we want to give you one last tip: always think about the use you will give before buying a model. It is not the same a segway for tourism, for example, that to move daily to work, in each case different benefits are needed. Keep this in mind before choosing a model or another cheap segway and you will make the best purchase decision.

We look forward to your comments!