How to do a good maintenance of your electric scooter - hoverboard?

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How to do a good maintenance of your electric scooter - hoverboard?

How to do a good maintenance of your electric scooter - hoverboard?


Maintenance electric scooter - hoverboard

With the technological development in which we live, we are faced with products of the latest generation that may seem scarce of specialists to help us make some repairs, some internal changes or recommendations to care for the product, but not because in the case of electric scooter there care recommendations and technical solutions.

The electrical maintenance also makes changes in its operation and transforms the processes of technical assistance in the specialized products, because they are devices that require attention in details and functional understanding, the new appliances must have the indications of care in the instructive and in addition , We can find specialists in maintenance and repair to give us recommendations that ensure us greater durability.

Know some tips of care that you should not forget so that your electric skateboard has better performance and durability. Also pay attention to the instructions you receive in the purchase of the product, but if you do not understand a process or have doubts, look for the solution when buying or contact us.

Do not lose the experience of living the functions that an electric scooter can achieve, such as taking you from left to right, from back to front so that you direct it with balance and coordination of body movements, as well as enjoy the ride with the music that Be of your choice that you can connect with the integrated Bluetooth system.

Keep the battery in good condition

Batteries that include our products are brand Samsung that meets the needs of quality and performance scooters and electric scooter , you can travel up to 12 kilometers. To take care of your performance, take into account the distance you are going to travel and the time you will use it to avoid overheating.

Recharging the battery is simple, it has to be completely empty and make sure that it is completely full when you are going to use it, this is a charge of four to five hours. The chargers of our products have UL quality certification, which means they have been tested by trained scientists to assure users that it is a reliable product.

If you have to make a replacement, contact us for advice. It is important that you buy original batteries and reliable brands to travel safely, the price will speak of that quality, so we invite you to choose the brand and battery characteristics that are compatible for an electric transport and avoid accidents.

Changing tires or wheels.

The tires of our products are made of rigid rubber that makes them very resistant, they are inflatable and their size varies according to the product between 15 to 25 centimeters in length. For wheels to be more durable, try not to use them in spaces where there is sharp material such as glass, change them when necessary.

Speakers and lamps

The system of the horns, Bluetooth and lamps requires attention of care so that they work without problem when you go aboard an automatic transport. The internal electrical system of the device allows it to function properly and without problems, so you must charge the battery enough for these functions, as well as avoid the use of chemicals or liquids that could affect the circuits.

Brake maintenance

The braking system of a scooter and skateboards with electric function are important to operate safely and have no complications on the way, since you can go up to 50 kilometers per hour, depending on the model. The use of brakes works in the area of ??the support to place the feet, with the pressure you make on this area you can go to the left or the right, or, braking, therefore you must take care of this surface.

In the case of hand brake electric scooter , the function is easier to use and reduces the likelihood of accidents by an electrical fault. To ensure the functionality of the brake system on the scooter and the electric scooter, do not place a weight greater than 120 kilos in the brake area so that the device reacts effectively, since it acts with the balance of your body.

We recommend that you pay attention to the weight, since if it exceeds 120 kilos could be counterproductive for the function system, what the device aims to achieve is to balance your weight and distribute it to move where you direct it. Do not expose it to electric current spaces and where it is likely to be damaged by heavy objects.

Remember that the technical assistance to make repairs, checks or changes in the battery, must be done with care and with people trained in the understanding of functions of electrical systems, so it is not advisable to disarm it to try to fix it, better consult us to advise you safely. At the time of purchase make sure that the horn sound is at the volume you need, just as the LED lights turn on and the seat is correctly seated.

If you have any complications because of an oversight on your electric scooter or have doubts maintain your scooter, we invite you to contact us to advise you and find the best solution to your problem. Do not try to disarm it because you could decompose it completely or cause an accident, do not hesitate to share your doubts with us.