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How to move around Barcelona? For a Sustainable Tourism


Sustainable Tourism Barcelona

Responsible tourism means being careful with the environments you explore and respecting the communities you visit. Two overlapping components of sustainable travel are ecotourism and ethical tourism.

Although Barcelona gives the impression of being an expanding and congested city, surrounded by industry, its political leaders have fortunately become increasingly aware of the ecology in recent years.

More than 150,000 trees now line its streets and multifaceted parks, ranging from Collserola and Montjuïc to Park Güell and the Ciutadella Park.

All classified waste is composted selectively and there are recycling containers widely dispersed throughout the city: they are green for glass, yellow for non-perishable plastic and orange for general garbage.

As a viable means to move without noise and without polluting the air, tourists have plenty of ecological vehicles to rent according to the needs of each one.

Which vehicles can you rent to move around Barcelona?

If you are going to be visiting Barcelona for a few days and want to quickly return the City the best option is to rent an electric moto scooter. You will save time and money since you will park fast and free of charge in the main attractions of the City.

Another good option is to rent an electric bicycle or the typical urban bicycle, since Barcelona has more than 150 km of adapted bike lanes and is a practical city to visit it by bike.

In recent times we are seeing how the folding are gaining ground bicycles urban bicycles, as these are large and uncomfortable to combine with public transport or keep them at home. Folding does not have this problem, since it fits in a corner and can be entered by metro, train or even bus at any time of the day.

There are plenty of bike rental shops scattered throughout the City. If you want to book in advance or perform a search by neighbourhoods to find the vehicle that best suits your needs, there is an ´eMobility´ web where you can rent electric bikes in Barcelona and other sustainable vehicles.

If you want to have fun with friends and / or the family you can also experience other types of recreational vehicles, since you can also do electric bike tours, electric scooter tours, segway tours in Barcelona, tasting the best bars and taverns in the city. More and more tourists spend a great part of their time enjoying this type of vehicle.