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Information on the use of bicycles in Barcelona

Barcelona by bike

Bike is undoubtedly the best idea in the world.

The bike is the fastest transport in short distances and suitable to combine it with the public transport.

Where you can cycle in Barcelona

To move safely by bike Barcelona must move with common sense, drive with caution and stick to these rules.


It can be circulated by the road, preferably by the lane closest to the sidewalk and by the center of it.

The bike lane is exclusively for use in bicycles and has priority over other vehicles if, when making turns to the right or left, they cut off their sense of travel. Pedestrians can not walk, run, or occupy these lanes, except to cross them at the marked steps.

Streets 30

In these streets, the bicycle has priority over vehicles that circulate, but not over pedestrians. In this type of roadways must be circulated in the direction of the street, provided there is no bike lane that allows segregated traffic in the opposite direction.

Inverted Priority Zones

(Single platform pedestrian streets, 10 and 20) Bicycles have priority over other vehicles, but not over pedestrians. As long as the signs do not prohibit it, bicycles can circulate in any direction of the street.

Making 1 km by bicycle is 50 times cheaper than doing it in a car occupied by one person.

If there is no bike lane enabled either on the road or painted on the area, it can be circulated on the sidewalks provided that:

  • The width of the area is greater than 4.75 meters and there are 3 meters of free space.
  • It is of circulation between the 22h and the 7h and the highway of the area or walk is superior to 4.75 meters of there are 3 meters of free space.
  • These are cyclists under 12 years old and the adults accompanying them.

How must i ride BY BICYCLE in Barcelona?

We maintain a driving position enabling circular correctly. So, you can:

  • Circular bike only on a wheel.
  • Take to other moving vehicles.
  • Circular no hands on the handlebars.
  • Circular zigzag between moving vehicles.
  • Upload objects that hinder manoeuvres or reduced vision.
  • Circular with headphones connected to receivers or audio players.
When driving through pedestrian zones and sidewalks, you must:
  • Slow down when crossing a pedestrian crossing.
  • Respect the preference of pedestrians and avoid manoeuvres that may affect their safety.
  • Avoid circling less than 1 meter from the facades and be attentive to people who can leave the buildings to join the road.
When travelling through public parks, you should:
  • Respect the preference of pedestrians.
  • Respect the natural heritage (you can not move through flower beds, areas or areas with vegetation) and urban furniture.
  • Respect the signs and follow the cycle routes and itineraries of the paved areas or land, if it exists.

Where to park the bike in Barcelona?

Park the bike preferably in places that are suitable for this Purpose (surface anchors or underground car parks). In case there is not, you can park in other places on the road, except:

  • Semaphores, trees, benches, containers, litter bins, transport awnings or elements of urban furniture that may be affected by their usual functionality or destination.
  • Reservation of parking for people with reduced mobility; Areas for Loading and unloading; Pedestrian steps, elements attached to facades or public service; Areas reserved for services or prohibited parking areas, such as public places, emergency exits, hospitals, clinics or ambulatories, or areas of the Bicing service.

What elements must be obligatory for to ride by bike in Barcelona?

The bicycle must be buzzer and run at night or in low-visibility weather or environmental conditions, front (White) and rear (red) position light and reflector elements approved in the vehicle.

The bike, the best idea in the world