The Neighborhoods of Barcelona: THE BORN

The most fashionable neighborhood in Barcelona

Between medieval and Gothic buildings, the most modern buildings and bars, designer shops and colorful nightclubs blend perfectly.

Nowadays, this neighborhood is frequented mainly by tourists, who like to stroll through the vintage shops, the street markets, the workshops of artisans and then leave to party to enjoy the night in some of the clubs of the neighborhood.

What to see in El Born

In the neighborhood of El Born there are lots of things to see, including churches, museums and parks.

One of the obligatory stages is without a doubt the Basilica of Santa Maria del Mar, one of the most beautiful Catalan Gothic churches in Barcelona.

Basilica Santa Maria del Mar Barcelona

This basilica is also known because it has been mentioned in several books that take place in Barcelona, among them "The shadow of the wind " of Carlos Ruiz Zafón. It is located right next to the Paseo del Born and entrance is free. If you walk here, you have to visit it, it´s really worth it.

If the Basilica is to the south of Born, or towards the sea; To the north is the Palau de la Música Catalana, a jewel of modernism, so much that it has been declared an Artistic Heritage by UNESCO.

Designed by the architect Lluís Domènech i Montaner, the Palau can be visited only with a guided tour and, if you wish, you can also attend the concerts organized in the large hall of the Palau.

Tickets Basilica Santa Maria del Mar

Palau de la Musica Catalana Barcelona

The guided visit to the Palau de la música is 18 € (children under 10 are free).The Palau is open every day from 10 am to 3.30pm (although I advise you to check the schedules on the official website), and the guided tours are organized in Catalan, Spanish, English, Italian and French.

Another visit essential for lovers of culture and art, is the Picasso Museum, located in Carrer de Montcada. With over 3,500 works by the artist, it is one of the most important galleries. The ticket costs € 11, although there is also the possibility of visiting the museum for free. The first Sunday of each month, in fact, the entrance is free all day, in addition, every Sunday admission is free after 15h.

In this neighborhood there are other museums to visit: the Chocolate Museum for sweet tooth, the Museum of Cultures del Món to discover the art and culture of the distant countries and the Mammoth Museum, to surprise the little ones.

If you still have time, you should also visit the Born Market, which is in fact not a market, but a cultural center where you can admire archaeological finds, and the Santa Caterina Market, a real market place where you can buy fruits and vegetables and Enjoy local tapas.

Buy Tickets Palau de la Múscia

Parc de la Ciutadella Barcelona

And then, last but not least..the Parc de la Ciutadella! It is the urban park more loved by locals and frequented by tourists as well.

Unlike other parks, such as the Park Güell, this park is much more tranquil and perfect to spend some time relaxing , to prepare a picnic or just to lie on the grass listening to good music (because yes, there will always be some artists who Will accompany you with your guitar or djembe).

How to get around El Born

How to get around El Born

The best way to get around Barcelona is by bike.

A good way to tour the Born, is to take a bike tour with a guide of the city. With it you will be able to explore the most extraordinary and unknown corners of the neighborhood of the Born, and to take a typical tapas of the city.

If you prefer you can also visit the post to your air by renting a bicycle. You can choose between to rent a bike or rent electric bike.

Rent Segway in Barcelona

For the more daring you can rent a segway to walk the streets of this beautiful neighborhood of the city. There is the option to go on your own or book a guided segway Tour. It is highly recommended if you go with friends. You will have a great time!

Rent electric scooter and rent hoverboards in Barcelona

You can also rent one of the most popular electric vehicles of the moment. Increasingly, many people move around the city on board an electric scooter or a hoverboard.

Walking tour El Born

If you go as a couple or as a group we propose a unique Walking Tour in the city, where you will be accompanied by a professional photographer who will propose activities during the tour and will make sporadic photos that you will never forget!

Where to eat in the neighborhood of El Born

Where to eat in the neighborhood of El Born

This is a good question! Because here there are so many bars and restaurants, it is very difficult to choose! So, let´s do this!

You like tapas? If you are a "pica pica", curious, interested in trying different local tapas of high quality, I suggest the Bodega Punctual (Carrer de Montcada, 22), the Bormuth (Plaça Comercial, 1) and the bar El Xampanyet (Carrer de Montcada, 22).

The Xampanyet Barcelona

The first two are quiet and quite large, especially the Bodega La Puntual: here you can sit at a table and eat your tapas with calm.The Xampanyet is the smallest and above all .. you have to have patience! It is one of the most famous and historic tapas bars in the city, therefore it is very popular for tourists as well as locals.

Do you like ethnic, exotic and fusion cuisine? I suggest two locals!

If you fancy trying the Vietnamese cuisine, I invite you to eat at La Vietnamese Restaurant (Carrer Comerç, 17); If you want to enjoy the varied and spicy flavors of the Arab world mixed with the traditional flavors of Catalonia, you have to go to the Restaurant Ziryab (Carrer dels Ases, 16). The experience will be a delight!

Hamburger Lover? Go to Little Bacoa (Carrer Colomines, 2), average price and a wide selection of dishes.

Continuing with the meat, I also recommend the El Foro Restaurant (Calle Princesa, 53): an Argentinean restaurant where you can enjoy excellent dishes. The price is a bit more expensive than usual (a dinner costs around € 25 per person).

Are you vegetarian? I suggest two locals! The first is the Cat Bar (Carrer de la Boria, 17), a fantastic vegetarian bar/restaurant with punk style, where the protagonists are the cats. It offers vegetarian and vegan dishes as well as craft beers. If you want to have lunch, here is the "menu of the day".

The second is the Restaurant La Bascula (C / Flassaders Nº30 bis): ecological ingredients, good selection of beers, many vegan dishes and also fruit smoothies with vegetable milk.

Where to go out at night in the neighborhood of El Born

Where to go out at night in the neighborhood of El Born

If you want to party with friends, in the Born there is much to do! In the Paseo del Born there are many bars where you can have a drink and dance to the rhythm of commercial house music or, perhaps, reggaeton.

On Paseo del Born, I recommend the Pipin Bar , for a good mojito and the Creps al Born bar , it´s a small place that usually gets crowded, but they make good cocktails. A little further away from the Paseo del Born, you will find: Alsur Café (Plaza de Sant Cugat), The Lime House (Carrer dels Carders, 31), Rubí , Guzzo .. there are many!

If you want to try something more elegant and sophisticated, I recommend going to Paraiso (Carrer de Rera Palau, 4): it looks like a normal bar, but has a surprise!

I like it because

  • The weather and atmosphere here are very good
  • The lively nightlife
  • There is always something to discover
  • The nearby Ciutadella Park

I criticize it a little because

  • It is one of the neighborhoods most frequented by tourists, therefore everything here is usually more expensive
  • It has lost some of its authenticity
  • At night some streets may seem dangerous (and I say "look" because they really are not ...)