Mercado de la Boquería

Mercado de la Boquería

What to see in Barcelona: Mercado de la Boquería - Boqueria Market

The San José Market, better known as "La Boquería", is a centrally located city market located on Las Ramblas in Barcelona. It is the ideal place to buy fresh produce, although today the market has become a striking tourist attraction.

Boquería Market Boquería Market, fruit and juice stand

The colorful market is a labyrinth of over 2,500 square meters along which are located more than 300 stalls offering all kinds of products. Eggs, meats, sausage, sweets, fruit juices ... It is difficult to imagine any product that can not be found in La Boqueria.

Looking Back

In the place where the market was located previously was located the Convent of San José, founded in 1586. Over time La Rambla became a place of great public interest and, after the arson suffered by the monastery, Decided to move the market to the place occupied by the convent.


The Boquería Market is one of the most emblematic places in Barcelona, a must see for both locals and tourists, who will undoubtedly enjoy the exciting mix of colors and flavors and their lively atmosphere.

Some of the stands offer delicious menus prepared with the freshest products.