Barcelona bike rental in Barceloneta neighbourhood

This bicycle of a march is perfect to visit the city, since the districts of Barcelona are flat streets. This is a Urban city model
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Which bike do you need to travel by city?

When we talk about mobility cycling, it seems that any type of bike serves us. However, just like a pizza maker would never use a 4 × 4 to work (hopefully), you have to adapt the bike and add essential accessories to ride on urban roads in a comfortable and safe.

If you do not have a bike, this article will help you choose the most appropriate one. If you already have it, we will teach you to improve it with a few changes.


Which bikes are worth to go by city?

Rent a bike in Barcelona

Urban bike

Evolved from the "Dutch bike" model, they are very visible for other vehicles, run more than enough and usually include all the necessary accessories. Its curved handlebar allows an upright and comfortable posture and allows us to see better. Make sure they have developments since some models do not have gears; And although the slopes of Madrid are a prejudice, they also have to be raised.

Rent a bike

Rent a folding bike in Barcelona

Folding Bikes

Folding / Folding . Urban bikes are big and uncomfortable to combine with public transport or keep them at home. The folding does not have this problem, as they fit in a corner and you can enter with them metro, train or even bus at any time of day. Their way of driving is slightly different, and you have to get used to them in a few days. For this reason, there are two types of cyclists: those who hate folding, and those who love. They do not run less than other bikes since their developments are different.

Rent folding bike

Rent electric bike Barcelona

Electric bikes - eBikes

It is perfect if you want to visit Barcelona on a weekend since you can go from one side to the other quickly. Here you can rent all kinds of electric bikes.
The electric bicycle or e-bike, is a traditional bicycle, which is installed an electric motor to help in pedalling. How does the electric bicycle work? It consists of several parts: cycle (traditional bicycle part), battery, controller (sends power to motor), electric motor and pedal sensor. The energy comes to the motor thanks to a battery that is recharged in the electrical network but also can do it through a solar panel. At present, there are engines that are recharged on the road, downhill.

Rent electric bike

What bikes are not worth?

Rent a road bike in Barcelona

Road Bikes

They are bicycles made to run, not to circulate. They are very sturdy and have very thin covers ; A sewer grate, a bad pothole or a firm wet can make us fall. However, many experienced cyclists opt for these bikes to go by city, since with experience they are faster. If it is not your case, we recommend the previous models for urban cycling.

Rent road bike

Rent a mountain bike in Barcelona

Mountain / MTB / MTB

They are often seen because they are the cheapest, easy to buy, those that are given away in kings ... but as the name implies, they are to go by dirt roads and cross country. They lack the minimal accessories, and their wide wheels with tacos brake us on asphalt, as well as the cushioning, forcing us to try harder. Many novices use them to start and end up giving up, ignoring that with a more suitable bike is circulated with less effort.

In both cases, the key is on the wheels. If you prefer not to buy a new bike, we recommend that you change the covers to wider ones with drawing (by road bike) or by thinner covers without taco in the case of MTBs. In addition, accessories such as fasteners or automatic pedals are counterproductive with urban cycling.

Rent mountain bike

The essential accessories

Bell. No matter how cheesy it may seem, it is an obligatory and terribly useful accessory. Not only will it serve to warn pedestrians who cross without looking or walk along the bike sidewalks, but also can avoid some fright: doors that open without looking, cars that rotate or that enter roundabouts ... A ring will prevent us a lot of accidents.

Fenders. If it rains a lot better leave the bike at home, but other times a simple downpour or a puddle can stain us from top to bottom. If your bike does not bring mudguards, put them on and you will not regret it.

Reflecting. They are obligatory at least red behind, white front and yellow on the pedals. You can also put yellow on the spokes.

Red white and red front light. Even if you think you're never going to go out at night, you'll ever be useful. The lights can be operated by batteries or dynamo, each with its own advantages.

Carrier or basket. It prevents us from carrying a backpack so we will sweat less. If it is necessary to carry a lot of weight, it may be advisable to attach saddlebags.

Other accessories that can come in handy, are the goat legs and chain protectors, which many city bikes already have as standard.

And the helmet?

The helmet is not mandatory on urban roads, but neither is prohibited. And although there is a potent debate among cyclists, everyone is free to use it or not .


Rent a City Bike in Barcelona Rent a bike in Barcelona
Rent a City Bike in Barcelona Rent a bike in Barcelona


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24 Hours 13,00 €
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1 Week 45,00 €

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