Electric bike in barcelona (ebikes) in Colom - Montjuic neighbourhood

If you want to move fast in Barcelona and see the city for a few days, this is your ideal bike. With the electric bicycle you will go from side to side in a few minutes. It is a very agile and comfortable bike.
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Rent Electric bike

Our electric bikes are particularly popular among tourists interested in the city sightseeing. And this is not surprising, due to its capacity of 100 km of ride without charging. Whether your goal is to reduce riding time for a purpose, or acquire a new biking experience, the e-bike will help to fulfil it!

If you have doubts about renting an electric bicycle, here we give you 10 reasons


Ten Reasons to Choose an eBike to go by city?

The problems of circulation and parking in big cities are growing day by day, but cycling to work or class can be too great an effort for many, hence the popularisation of electric bicycles that reduce that effort considerably. But if you're still not convinced here we give you ten reasons to get one of them.

1. Ecological

Half of all trips by car are 5 km or less. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, CO2 emissions of a car are about 40 times higher than those of an electric bike. Thus, by using an electric bicycle or eBike instead of a car for short distances, we are protecting the environment, while saving.

2. Against the wind and tide

Many raise the slopes up as an impossibility but it is in those moments when the help of the small electric motor solves the problem with their help and the suffering is ended.

3. Stay in shape

Although the electric bike helps and a lot there is also give pedals so they will always help to keep fit. In addition, the latest models decide the level of assistance you want or need at any time. Studies have shown that bicyclists use their bikes two to three times more frequently than conventional cyclists and cover much longer distances.

4. Perfect to go to work

In Germany, most commuting to work is less than 10 kilometres and if we go with the help of an electric bicycle we do not have to get so tired as to not perform correctly at work.

5. Comfort, exercise, extra power

There are electric bicycles even for the countryside. Thanks to the uniform and adjustable assistance provided by the electric drive system of an eBike, it is ideal for training or re-cycling after leaving an injury. On the other hand, the propulsion system prevents overloads on the knees or muscles of the legs and softens the pressure on the joints, tendons and ligaments.

6. Good advice on wheels

Could you stop arguing and complaining? Mood can change quickly when people with different physical conditions and expectations are willing to make a bike trip together. That's where a small engine can do wonders. Their pedalling assistance compensates for differences in performance and brings people back together - with the result that the route becomes an experience that everyone would be happy to repeat.

7. Easy for pocket

An electric bicycle is much cheaper than a car and its maintenance practically null compared to that. Fuel costs, insurance premiums, registration taxes or parking fees are zero. Only the cost of fuel for a car with diesel engine is currently around 7.00 euros per 100 km. Going 100 km on an electric bicycle would cost around 0.25 euros.

8. Factor of fun

With the help of electric power the cyclist can easily overtake other road users in a quiet and relaxed way. EBike is often the fastest mode of transportation in urban traffic over distances of up to 5 km and, over distances of up to 10 km, eBikes can easily rub shoulders with car drivers.

9. Pure Mobility

You can travel by bike to the subway station, take the train and then continue pedalling to your destination, or use public transport or rent an eBike to your destination. With an eBike, the trips are fast and flexible. You can cover distances more easily and increase the radius distance of your trip. Pedalling assistance gives you a real boost in the city. Electric bikes leave the traffic jams behind and you do not have to worry about finding parking space.

10. For all tastes

New models and versions are constantly coming to market. The eBikes are able to reach speeds of up to 25 or 45 km / h (but not because they would enter the segment of mopeds) and are available for urban or mountain use, for pleasure routes or for those with great sports ambitions. There are a variety of models to choose from and it is easier to find an eBike for each type of person every day.


 Electric bike in barcelona (ebikes)
 Electric bike in barcelona (ebikes)
 Electric bike in barcelona (ebikes)
 Electric bike in barcelona (ebikes)


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Electric bicycle in Barcelona

Electric bicycle in Barcelona

This electric bicycle is rented only for periods of 24 hours.


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Electric bike (ebike)

Electric bike (ebike)

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