Rent electric roller scooter in Barcelona in Colom - Olympic Port neighbourhood

Renting this vehicle for a day corresponds to a period of 4 hours which is the battery life.
from/per person 25,00
  • Electric Scooter
  • 1 hours minimum
  • From 10 am to 7 pm
  • + 5 Languages
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Rent electric scooter in Barcelona


Overview electric scooters

Ideal for beach strolls on a sunny day, the TP e-scooter indeed is a new word in the “green” industry. The scooter has recently become the favourite vehicle among tourists in Barcelona, and its popularity is continuously growing. With its capability to ride 30km in a row, the TP scoot considerably relieves one’s care in terms of charging matters. Dynamic and agile, it accommodates to road situation with an ease and will serve you faithfully regardless of your plans.
Hop onto a TP Scoot, a fun electric scooter which will allow you to explore the city’s pedestrianised zones and narrow streets while seated in comfort. The TP Scoot is lightweight and safe, has a long battery life and can be recharged anywhere.


If you think scooters are for kids, it’s time to try a TP Scoot, a fun electric scooter which you can use to ride along La Rambla, enjoy the seafront or go for a spin in the Parc de la Ciutadella without exerting yourself.

Similar to a small petrol scooter, the TP Scoot offers you all the comfort of riding a bike without needing a helmet or special licence. You can see the entire city at speeds of up to 25 kilometres an hour without tiring yourself out.

Anybody can drive a TP Scoot with its simple instructions. What are you waiting for to try one?

What does your booking include?:

  • TP Scoot on-road scooter hire.
  • Lock.
  • Technical instructions.

Other details

  • The child's scooter is valid for children from 10 to 16 years old.
  • The maximum speed of the child's scooter can be restricted to 12 or 20km/h according to your preference.
  • You will need to bring ID or your original passport.
  • When hiring, you will need to leave a 100€ credit card deposit.

Rules for the movement of electric scooters in Barcelona

The so-called personal mobility vehicles must be compulsorily circulated in Barcelona by bike lanes and by those parts of the road or zones enabled as a cycle route by the City Council, these are:

  • Streets of footpaths.
  • Residential streets that have a unique platform (of a single architectural level), except specific signaling that forbids it.

In these two cases, the preference of pedestrians must be respected and no more than 10 km / hour should be driven. Similarly , when crossing a pedestrian crossing we have to slow down and pass after having certified that the vehicles located on the road have seen us.

When we ride with our scooter or electric unicycle on a Barcelona bike lane, we will have priority of passing with respect to the rest of motor vehicles as well as when the motor vehicles make, in the roadways, maneuvers of rotation to right or left and cut the direction Of the progress of our personal mobility vehicles.

As regards public parks , unicycles and electric scooters shall not be allowed to run on green areas and shall be moved through bicycles and paved or grounded routes where they exist, maintaining a speed not exceeding At 10 km / h, respecting a minimum distance of the vehicle with pedestrians not less than 1,5 and pedestrians' preference.

On the other hand, in order to guarantee safety, it is not permissible to hold onto other vehicles in motion, to circulate zig-zag between vehicles in motion, to transport objects that make maneuvering difficult or to reduce vision, or to drive with headsets or helmets connected to receiving devices Or players.

Parking of scooters in Barcelona

The parking of personal mobility vehicles such as unicycles and electric scooters should be done in places specifically intended for them or for bicycles. If we do not find any place established for this purpose, we can park in another part that is authorized by the Municipal Ordinance.

It is worth mentioning that it is forbidden to chain these vehicles to trees, traffic lights, benches, containers, trash cans, transport marquees, signage, to urban furniture elements when the destination or functionality of the item is difficult or when it damages or deteriorates its condition. It is also not allowed to do so in areas reserved for loading and unloading, or in places reserved for other users or services, or on sidewalks when pedestrians are prevented from crossing.

Documentation required to run unicycle and electric scooters in Barcelona

Although it is not necessary to have a driving license to move with scooters and / or unicycles, Barcelona regulations stipulate that its users must make available to the authorities, if requested, the following documents: personal identity document Which identifies the age of the driver, certification or documentation proving that the vehicle has been approved in accordance with European Community standards, and the documentation issued by the dealer or sales representative attesting to the limitation of the required speed and the mass on empty.


 Rent electric roller scooter in Barcelona


Price/person -
1 Hour 25,00 €
2 Hours 35,00 €
3 Hours 45,00 €
4 Hours 55,00 €

Make your reservation online paying 15 %.
The rest of the payment will be paid in check in.

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