Electric Ninebot in Colom - Olympic Port neighbourhood

Enjoy Barcelona on boar this is incredible robot that automatically keeps you in balance and reads your moves .
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Enjoy barcelona on Ninebot and Segway


Rent a Ninebot in Barcelona

  • Vehicle type: Balancing
  • Deposit: 50.00 €
  • Mileage: Unlimited
  • Training: 3 minutes are needed to be a master controlling the Ninebot Mini.
  • Price: From 22.5 € - View all prices

About Ninebot

One of the great virtues is the learning simplicity of the Ninebot Mini Pro by Segway, 5 minutes of practice are enough to gain control; 3 minutes more and you have already gained enough confidence to ride the Ninebot Mini Pro controls. Ecological, stealthy, versatile, with models for the city and rough terrain, safety experts, leisure ...

The Segway Ninebot Mini Pro, a solid, simple to use, light and sturdy "individual transport" system. It can be stored in any house.

Anyone who has ridden on an electric skate will be surprised by the mast that the Ninebot Mini Pro is wearing. Seated a seat, but it is not, you have to handle it standing. The function of that mast is to exert a rudder, the Ninebot Mini is controlled by the displacement of the axis of the body going forward and backwards, but vice versa, pushing with the knees the top of the rudder cushion. Written looks much more difficult than it is, to get an idea, is related to the movement of the knees when skiing or skating, It is a very natural movement.

It is built with a magnesium alloy used in aviation that provides flexibility and resistance, reaches 18 / km speed. It has 2 electric motors of 400W (800W) that yield 1600W and is fed by a battery that gives him about 30km of autonomy with a load of 4 hours in a usual electrical outlet, the wheels are of 15,5 inches and the tires have a High degree of impact absorption. It communicates with mobiles and tablets through a Bluetooth connection and an application that lets you customise the lights, control the Ninebot by remote control and activate a anti-theft lock, in short, what more can you ask for?

  • 4 times faster than walking and the same as cycling but without effort.
  • 15-18º of slopes is what can climb the Ninebot Mini Pro.
  • 30-35km, a transport that travels a distance as the most expensive models.
  • LED rainbow lamp also allows you to visualize everything that is around at night.

The Mini Pro incorporates:

  • A high-performance 800Wattern dual motor
  • It can achieve a power of 2000W as if it were an electric motorcycle.
  • It has a weight of 12'8kg and can reach 18-20 km/h.

The Mini Ninebot can circulate:
  • 1. With rain and wet asphalt. The Ninebot can get wet but not submerge
  • 2. Irregular ground, such as cobblestones. The balance sensor will always keep you on top of the Ninebot
  • 3. Earrings of 15º. Upload slopes of several kilometres without problems
  • 4. Overcome obstacles. As for example the potholes that moderate the speed in the roads
  • 5. Circle different terrains. (Lawn, Tiles, Gravel, Earth, Parquet ...)
The Ninebot Mini has 4 lighting options that help driving:
  • 1. Front headlight. Two powerful headlights allow normal driving at night.
  • 2. Rear light. Make yourself visible to others with a back light that illuminates more than 5 meters.
  • 3. Turn signals. Just great! Turn the flashing clockwise or counterclockwise, the lighting is yellow.
  • 4. Braking. When braking the Ninebot Mini the lights are turned red to warn other potential drivers.

The Ninebot Mini has 8 security options

  • 1. Automatic braking system gradually slows down when there is danger or instability in driving.
  • 2. Failure system slows the speed gradually when there is a fault in the internal system of the Ninebot Mini until it stops completely.
  • 3. Emergency beep for speeding, when exceeded 18km / h.
  • 4. Non-skid tires such as motorcycle tires and more sophisticated cars.
  • 5. The design of the Ninebot Mini and its material make it a good shockproof product.
  • 6. It has a black box to know what has happened in an accident.
  • 7. Self-check of all components every time the Ninebot is turned on.
  • 8. Intelligent monitoring of the battery, with very efficient indicators.

Anyone can drive the Segway mini PRO

Just take 5 or 10 minutes to start getting a good start up with the Segway mini PRO. To your surprise, you will feel that you have coupled to the machine.

Once you've caught the skill, it's amazing how accurate you can control the mini PRO. With the steering mechanism standing between your calves and a little inclined, you can slide forward, or lean over it to turn it into a real rocket.

The maximum speed of the Ninebot Mini Pro is 18 km / h. The Segway mini PRO tires do a good job minimising small bumps, rocks and small branches.

Battery life per day

The range of the Ninebot mini PRO is excellent. It has a range of 30 km per load. Imagine that you climb steep slopes or 4 × 4 terrain, the battery can make its autonomy unpredictably. Also our Ninebot Mini Pro can raise slopes of 30% without problems.

But here is something you should know about the earrings, if you try to go too fast, the mini PRO will beep. And if you plan to open the Ninebot application, it will give you an error indicating that you are using too much power. It is recommended that the mini PRO must be handled responsibly to avoid damaging the battery.


 Electric Ninebot
 Electric Ninebot


Price/person -
1 hour 35,00 €
2 Hours 45,00 €
3 Hours 55,00 €
1 day 65,00 €

Make your reservation online paying 15 %.
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Some Tips

Shoes Comfortable, closed shoes are preferable to sandals and high heels in order to get the most enjoyable Segway experience.

Weather Luckily you will enjoy a lot of sun in Barcelona, just be sure you protect yourself sufficiently against the exposure during the tour.

Small groups. We might join you with another group in the same time slot.

More about Segways-Ninebots

Rent segway in Barcelona with a professional local guide

Rent segway in Barcelona with a professional local guide

Segway private tour, You will also go around with a professional local. The segway tour will last about 90 minutes.


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