Barcelona Segway Tour (2 Hours)

This segway tour is perfect for enjoying a great day in the city. We will see the gothic quarter, eixample, barcelona beach and olimpic port. Enjoy the segway experience in barcelona!
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Segway Tour in Barcelona

Learn more about the Segway


In spite of its futuristic aspect, the segway was born in the United States in the year 1990, therefore 25 years ago, generating a great expectation. Proof of this were statements by Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple, who predicted that would influence the design of cities that should suit him. Another demonstration of this was the price paid at an auction at Amazon for an amount close to $ 100,000 per unit, when currently its price is over 6,000 €.

However, the great sales success that was expected did not come, probably because of its high price, and the fact that the cities have not come to adapt to it. Where is it circulating? On sidewalks bothering pedestrians, or on the causeway interrupting the traffic of other vehicles much faster?

However over time has been finding its applications:

  • Guided tours, such as those we offer, in which for an economic price it is possible to visit unknown corners with all comfort.
  • For large companies, in which employees must make important commutes with a non-polluting vehicle.
  • Public spaces such as airports.
  • Public administrations and security companies for inspection routes.
  • As an advertising medium.

These are just some of the many examples that have made the segway an increasingly popular vehicle among us.

If you want to know more about the history of the segways you can see more on this Segway wiki!

How is the CONTROL PANEL of a segway?

Two sophisticated control panels are the brain: each contains a digital microprocessor that controls the system and performs checks 100 times per second by reading the BSA information to determine if the traveler is leaning forward Or backward, and uses it to carry energy from the batteries to the motors through a set of transistors.

The engines meet the demand at 1,000 times per second, responding much faster than the human body is able to perceive. Although each of the panels is capable of operating on its own, under normal conditions they share the load.

HOW does a segway WORK?

The Sensory Balance Set (BSA) is a robust, yet incredibly sensitive, part of the mechanism. This small cube of 7.50 cm. On the side, contains 5 sensors called gyroscopes that measure the speed of rotation, vibrating in such a way that when rotating a small force is generated that can be detected by the internal electronics of the sensor. Segway computers constantly compare data from 5 gyroscopes to determine if any of them are supplying erroneous data, and compensate it by using data from the remaining gyroscopes to continue to get the correct balance.

On the other hand 2 tilt sensors provide a reference to gravity in the same way our ear does to control our balance. The system is managed by 2 independent microprocessors.

How is THE ENGINE of a Segway?

The engines are unique in several aspects:

They are the most powerful for their size and weight that have never been produced in series. Each of them has 1.5 kilowatts (2 HP). They use brushless servo-technology, which means that there are no contacts that are worn or arched, and this way you avoid reducing performance. Each of the engines is built with two independent sets of coils, each driven by a control panel and an independent motor. Under normal conditions they operate in parallel, sharing the load. In case of failure of one of them, the motor is designed to cancel it and use the other to maintain control until it can be stopped.

How is THE GEARBOX of a segway?

The gearbox is manufactured with the precision of a Swiss watch. The system provides a 24: 1 reduction, allowing the engine to run at high speeds at all gear levels.

A detail of the perfection in which he developed the system is that gears were designed in the gearbox to produce a sound with two musical octaves of separation, so that when the Segway moves it sounds like a music!

The gearbox is pre-lubricated, and therefore requires no maintenance. It has been tested for thousands of kilometers and under conditions of extreme harshness.

The TIRES and WHEELS of the segways

The tires have been designed specifically for the segway, using a unique silica-based compound, which provides maximum traction and minimizes marks on interior floors. It has no camera, which allows a lower pressure which is optimal for rolling on long routes.

The design of the wheel is equally unique: it is made of a composite material that allows light weight and excellent durability, and reduces the transmitted noise of the traction system. The wheel is coupled around a steel hubcap, without staples or fasteners that can loosen over time.

How are the BATTERIES of Segway?

Twin battery packs operating at 72 volts are used. These nickel-hydride-based cells are the most powerful generators available today, optimized to maintain segway balance under the most demanding conditions.

Each pack consists of a collection of high capacity cells and a circuit board that constantly monitors temperature and voltage.

The internal electronics in the battery are equipped with an "intelligent" plug to charge, which only has to be connected to the mains and the segway chooses the appropriate charge rate based on temperature, voltage and load level.

In normal operation, the Segway uses both batteries simultaneously. In the event that one of them fails,

I Want to buy a segway!

From the old city to the Barceloneta beach

Imagine travelling through 2000 years of history on a Segway, discovering Roman ruins and medieval palaces in the Gothic quarter and enjoying the breeze at Barceloneta city beach.

The Barcelona Segway Tour takes you on a fun sightseeing trip from the city's old town to the modern beach promenade, covering Barcelona's maritime districts between the Ramblas and Olympic Harbour.

Barcelona's maritime districts explored

Easy to learn for all ages

Safety training by Segway experts

Helmet + free water included

Meeting Point

Below the Arc de Triomf riding a Segway. Let's move on to the 5 minute Training.


segway tours barcelona Barcelona Segway Tour (2 Hours)
segway tours barcelona Barcelona Segway Tour (2 Hours)
segway tours barcelona Barcelona Segway Tour (2 Hours)


Adults 55,00 €

Make your reservation online paying 15 %.
The rest of the payment will be paid in check in.

Map of this Segway Tours

Some Tips

Shoes Comfortable, closed shoes are preferable to sandals and high heels in order to get the most enjoyable Segway experience.

Weather Luckily you will enjoy a lot of sun in Barcelona, just be sure you protect yourself sufficiently against the exposure during the tour.

Small groups. We might join you with another group in the same time slot.

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